Monday, October 29, 2007

Tehelka expose in Gujarat ..

The news channel Tehelka last week disguised as researchers out to study Hindu resurgence in Gujarat talked to some of the miscreants who were part of the massacre and rape of fellow citizens of their home state. It was very shocking to read the heroic revelations of some of those miscreants, sadly leaders of BJP, RSS,, who boasted of how they killed people freely at will and were able to walk scot free even now.

Thanks to the Gujarat govt, these people are not booked so far and still continue to be a threat to the minority community, whose marginalisation appears to be almost complete in Gujarat, unless the central govt, Supreme court and the National Human Rights Commission interferes and gives model punishment to all the people who were involved in the murder and rape of fellow Indians.

It is a pity we call them Indians coming from the land of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. If there can be any group of people who are as anti-national and working to disintegrate our country, they are for sure these goons !!

Even the majority community are not fools who can be treated so for a long time, there are some sensible people in them too and they, I hope, will see to it that this state of lawlessness and anarchy does not continue in Gujarat from now on. Wait till the elections are over !!

Gujjus can be sensible if the occasion demands.


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