Monday, October 01, 2007

Leaving MBC, painful ..

Leaving MBC finally on 29 Sept 07 was painful. On 28 Sept, the mech engg students gave a fantastic farewell. The students are really loving. The principal Dr Paul Mathew also came, Dr George Eapen te bursar was a little late. After giving mementos and so on, it was speeches. Eventhough I have taken a selfish move to go out to a b-school in Karnataka, the move is going to help the student community as a whole, not only the students of MBC College. Even if they are interested in coming over to Bangalore to do a PG in business administration, they are welcome to apply to Xavier and I can help them and counsel whichever way I can.

Finally India is so actively going ahead. Change is vital in the society and we need to adapt to change as fast as possible so that we equip ourselves with the necessary industry skills. As a very practical man I believe that it is industry exposure which enables us to give our best to the students.

On Saturday at 3 PM the mech engg staff also gave me a warm send off. It was very heart touching. On Saturday also got Fr Tiju to do the house prayers, koodasha at home. On Sunday left Peermade at 11 am and reached Kanjirapally where seemon joined me and we reached ekm at 4 pm. In between did some shopping too. Thomaskutty dropped me At the airport at 6.30 and flight Indigo, Airbus A 320 took off at 7.30 PM. It reached Bangalore at 8.30 pm and reached the campus at 9.30 pm. Went off to sleep. Morning reported at the insti at 9 am and met Prof Philip. The timings here are from 9 am to 5 pm with a half an hour gap in between for lunch.

Everything is going good and cool here and hope this stint is going to be very beneficial to myself and the institute.

Thank you MBC and welcome XIME.


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