Monday, October 15, 2007

Interacting with Ms Sonali Kulkarni, great grand daughter of Mahatma..

I was surprised to come across a chief guest, simple and attractively dressed who came to the Maria Philip Inter B-school debating competition in Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, (XIME), Electronic City, Bangalore on Saturday, 13 Oct, 2007. The competition was lively on the topic, Can India's economic growth be sustained ?? Neatly organised and competed.

a humble and simple
personality ..
The Chief Guest Ms Sonali was the CEO of Fanuc India, the Japanese MNC manufacturing Robot control systems. She gave a good talk on how ethical practices, though not appreciated in the short run, can turn out to be useful in the long run, how it helps the company to have ethics and values in place for the employees to follow.

During the tea break after the talk, I interacted with Ms Sonali. Being the great grand daughter of the father of our nation, I thought it a good opportunity to talk with her. Being a humble fan of that towering personality, this was an opportunity for me to know her.

A very simple and soft spoken lady, she was delighted to know that her 'not too great' talk had the real punch needed to send the message through to the student community, that values and ethics are valued even to this day in the corporate world and they are not old-fashioned at all. Grow steadily and in small sure, positive steps.

They help the company establish its name for fair and ethical practices and benefit in the long run. A good example is the case of Tata Sons, known for their exemplary, fair dealings and business values, the world over, a tradition set by Sir Jamshedji Tata almost a hundred and fifty years back and carried over by worthy individuals from that family..

When I told Ms Sonali that I was not surprised to hear this from her at all, it was there in her blood, from the rich and noble lineage she inherited, she was not prepared to take it and said anybody would do it that way, no need to be born into a particular family to acquire such traits. She was impressed by the Institute, the academic community, students and above all the green and well kept gardens and surroundings.

With a pleasing face and lot of fond memories, she left the college in her Toyota Corolla, promising students of Systems and Operations more opportunities in the future to visit her factory and learn about it. A truly worthy great-grand-daughter of a towering personality..

George Easaw.


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  2. Who would have thought a person such as Ms. Sonali Kulkarni from the Mahatma's lineage would also have accomplished so much in life for herself (CEO of Fanuc is not any small position!). The indomittable spirit of the Mahatma seen yet again. Hats off!!

  3. Hey u r lucky!

    I am very happy to note that the Mahatma's lineage is doing great in this life...

    Ethics makes it all.. nd no wonder we respect comapnies like Tata..

    BTW, my id is

  4. I totally agree that meeting Ms Sonali Kulkarni was an unforgettable experience. Her greatness was was reflected in her warmth and simplicity which was just pure class. I admire her position as the CEO of a hundred men and I salute the woman in her.She very casually brushed off her lineage as an accident of birth. I admired her style of dressing and her personality. I wish she was nominated to be the president of India. Sajeetha Barathi

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