Monday, October 01, 2007

From Goa to Bengalooru (via Peerumedu ..)

The journey from Goa to Bangalore via Peerumedu has been quite interesting.

While applying for a two year leave from Goa Engg college, I only had thoughts of going back to serve my home state and the student community there. To give back to the state and community my resources, efforts and time. If everything were to go right, also had plans to forgo the remaining seventeen years of service in Goa govt and settle down in Kerala. Armed with a PhD from IIT Bombay, it was possible.

It was exciting initially.

Later on I came to find that teaching only UG students is a different piece of cake altogether. Not that I do not want to, but doing it in Peermade for one year was good enough. Serious learning and research does not happen. Particularly with the UG syllabus of MG University, it was no challenge at all !! Was getting worried whether I was wasting the efforts. Continuing with learning, teaching and research and contributing professionally, now it never mattered where I am, was at the back of the mind always.

It was then that the advertisement for faculty openings came in The Hindu in Xavier Institute of Management and Entre'ship, Bangalore. I grabbed the opportunity and did not look back. Being able to teach top students in a professional, world-class environment is something great and I have been yearning for that for a long time. I had full support from my wife in my pursuit of these academic dreams. Were it not for her unstinted support to help me realise my dreams ( shamelessly I must admit, I have been selfish ..), I would never have made it at all.

Thank you everybody, my parents, teachers and professors, I submit myself at your LOTUS feet unconditionally.

To all my friends, it's been great to have you by my side and wish you to be with me in all my strides in future too.

Thanks once again..


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