Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Double standards of the Indian Left !!


If Beijing can align with US as far back as 1985 for nuclear co-operation why can't India ? Let us try to convince our dumb left ideologue ( no intellectual at all) Prakash Karat who has got confused with ideological and nationalistic positions. While Chinese would work for national interests, our Indian Communists and Marxists would prefer to project China and Russian interests than Indian..

Somebody needs to tell him that the Chinese nuclear proliferation in the 90s to Pakistan and the suppression of the Tibetans is more dangerous to India and world human rights than the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq ( India does not even remotely come in the picture).

India can exercise it's sovereignty by staying away from the nuclear deal but not by saying the dumb excuses that Prakash Karat and his team is barking all the while. We have some technological reasons to stay away from the US as we do not want our Thorium cycle nuclear energy cycle technology to be stolen by the US. Having the courage to say the right things at the right time and not be obfuscated by ideology and false pride requires great sense of feeling for a cause.


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