Monday, October 29, 2007

Daandiya Raas in XIME..

Saturday 27 Oct it was Daandiya Raas in XIME. Started at 7 PM and went upto 11 PM. It was attended by almost two hundred students ( both boys and girls) in the foyer of the Men's hostel. Started with Daandiya Raas and after dinner, the programme switched over to western style dancing, but was very neat and good. The shortage of an experienced DJ was felt, though.

The good thing about the programme was the excellent ice breaking which happened between the new faculty (including me and Prof George Kuryan) and the students. Some of them are terrific dancers and were dancing for al of 4 hrs, the energy and stamina..!

Hope more such events happen in XIME. Besides providing good entertainment to the student community, these are also excellent stress busters for the students.


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