Friday, September 28, 2007

Shifted house to Peermade.. Good Luck MBC !!

After staying in the MBC College campus in B3, family quarters for almost a year, yesterday we have shifted to a decent flat in Peermade, behind the State Bank of Travancore.

A hartal call given by BJP against the recall of Raju Narayana Swamy as Idukki dist collector and rain initially disrupted the transportation of the household items. But luckily the rain subsided and even though in the dark, we could move the items from the college campus to Peermade.

This morning, Friday, 28 September 097, kids have gone to school and I am in the college. Getting relieved on Saturday, 29 sept.

After a very momentous stint here, i am feeling bad at leaving the students here. Even though I get to teach PG students at XIME, the love and affection from the students here is something I am going to miss for a long time. The MGOCSM, the church choir, the Mechanical Engg students Association ARME, Association of Radiant Mech Engineers, Samasya , the cultural fest of MBC, I miss al those things. Also the extreme cold in the midst of tea estates. I cannot forget my ten day stay in the Sahyadri Ayurvedic hospital at Pothupara, near to our campus, for massage.

The PTA meetings of the college, the St Pius X school, the encounters with Sr Georgina etc is very fresh in my memory. The frequent trips during weekends and holidays to Kottayam and Ernakulam will be something which I will miss very much. The bad roads between Kuttikanam and Mundakkayam and the smooth road for the rest of the journey upto kottayam on the KK Road is unforgettable.

In another two days I will be packing off from Peermade to Bangalore to join XIME. I will keep coming oncxe every month to meet family.

One year of my leave from Goa is over. Another year more. The experience at XIME will be treasured for life.

If the HR policy was better at MBC, I could have continued there also motivated lot of others to stay back. Discipline is a must for good functioning of any Institute. But to dream of getting that by using the danda is an immature state of mind, that is what IO have to say to the authorities. Their planning is very likely to hit back with greater intensity.

Wish MBC and it's faculty and students all the best.

Let the Orthodox Church and it's priests be able to continue to run this Institution before somebody else takes it over. Because it is not any body's property. it is the faith and trust reposed by the millions of believers of the Indian Orthodox Church which is seeing the Institution through many difficult phases in its history and will see it through into the future.

All the best MBC.

George easaw


  1. Hello!

    Was searching for my school and chanced upon this site...

    I studied at St Pius X...

    Those places are lovely..

  2. thanks for the comments. The place is lovely no doubt. my two kids are studying there..


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