Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Munnar, Ponmudi and so on.. Malayali's never-ending shame ..

Munnar and Ponmudi are two instances of land encroachment and exhibition of private greed over public interests which has rocked Kerala society the past three months. The great enthusiasm and high moral ground which the former opposition leader and present Chief MinisterShri V S Achuthanandan had taken while in the opposition regarding many public issues and the present silence on these issues has dented his image beyond repair inMalayali minds.

The shameless and spineless Achuthananthan has reiterated to the poor Malayali that his popular speeches and marches then were only to while away time, and private greed and selfish party interests are what finally means to him in the race to keep his arse hot on theCM's chair. He has shown beyond any doubt that his priorities are first to the party (with allegiance to the broken Russia and the resurgent China) and only then to the poor Malayali and Kerala. A true son of the land !!

It remains to be seen when the intelligent poor Malayali inside Kerala (and the lucky ones outside) will see through these cheap games of Sakhavu and his pimps and kick them out of public sight for ever !!


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