Monday, August 06, 2007

The Kerala Professional Education chaos continues ..

In spite of the Kerala high court partially imposing ban on the different fee structures in the private medical colleges which joined with the state, the state Education Minister M A Baby is hell bent on not allowing the Cathlic Managements any say in their admission process. The basic presumption in the constitution and the supreme court verdict in the TMA Pai case states that cross subsidy in the same class cannot be permitted. The Kerala government is still acting stubborn.

Recently it passed the ordinance, bypassing the assembly twenty third time this govt came to power, that permitted the Mohammed committee to decide the new fees and to get it vetted. The High Cort on Monday gave an indication to the government that it is not approving of the govt move to decide the revision of fees through the Mohammed committee as though the committee was an instrument in its hands to be played with at at its will..

The admission proces under the govt quota has run into very rough weather and it may be months before classes can start in the first year of engineering and medical colleges in the state.

In spite of receiving whippings time and again from the different courts, the education minister is very stubborn and is trying his level best to show the world that he is indeed a revolutionary in the educational field in the state. But unfortunately this time his revolutionary actions are directed against peace and stability in the education sector in the state.

When the education minister has not gone through the nerve wracking experience of the parents ( Neither has he seen the gates of any professional institution in the state, unfortunate that such a person is the education minster)

The only solution with the govermnet this time is to accept a common fees for the students throughout the state and depending on the financial capacity of the parent, disburse student loans. An alternative would be to give educational coupons of denominations Rs 25,000 each and give slabs depending on which the number of coupons to be given to a student can be decided. This can ensure there is no disbursal or handling of money, and the whole process of subsidising fees can be achieved with great ease and speed.


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