Monday, August 13, 2007

Frog in the well syndrome of the Malayali..

Maybe I have been out of Kerala for a good 20 years of my life, I do not know, I am surprised at the frog in the well syndrome of most of the malayalis. Things have changed a lot. People are getting narrow minded day after day. Do not want to improve and go beyond the narrow view of life, neither will he allow his friends to go up. With limited exposure of the outside world, his ego already terribly bloated, he thinks very highly of himself, may not be wrong, and is the first to cast the early stone, knowing fully well his limitations.

Casting the first stone and pulling down his friend / colleague is characteristic of the average malayali. Living in mediocrity and allowing others not to cross over into excellence.

That explains the reason why the average malayali finds himself in a self made bottomless pit and cannot come up in his homeland. The media and press too play an important role in bloating this ego of the malayali, By providing silly news, developmental news is sidelinedby the media, unmindful of the damage it does to the development policies and plans of the state. The media also is to blame for this sad state of affairs..

Kerala does not have a major industry to boast of, other than education, trading and militant trade unionism. It's citizens are forced to move out of the state and out of the country in search of bread and butter. I was subjected to that many years back. The people already in cushy jobs in the govt or aided sector within the state find themselves in cushier surroundings, unmindful of their responsibilities to the society, but very conscious of their rights.

Kerala is the hottest market for all the latest expensive upmarket luxury cars in the country. How does Malayali fuel his urge to showoff, even in midst of poverty and poor industrial development ? Who is funding this false ego of the average malayali ? His relative in the Gulf ? The sweat which he turns to dollars are available for his people back home to squander. His love and concern for his siblings is too great !! The best mansions, the best cars, what not, the best of everything.

If this money is put back into some development projects in the state it will create jobs within the state. The malayali does not have to go out searching for a decent job. Will our politicians allow that? They are the parasites in the society. Totally ignorant of the outside world. Just look at the industrial investment which has gone into Tamil Nadu last year, almost 10,000 crores and the money which has come to Kerala ? a paltry 100 - 200 crores. Where are we standing and what is our future ? The brains to propel the industry in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is from Kerala.

Pity the malayali, unless he removes this mask of falsehood and false ego, he will not prosper, he will never be independent. Unable to let his state grow and become number one in the country. False and petty ideologies do destroy the state. Long live Hypocrisy !! Care for your fellow human being and believe that if your friend prospers, it is Kerala which is prospering. More jobs are getting created for the Malayali.

george ( a malayali, doing self introspection..)

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