Saturday, August 25, 2007

A dual timing system for India..

Right from Porbander in Gujarat to Guwahati in Assam we share the same time. Is it a wise thing to do..? Can we save energy by having dual time zones in our country, eventhough it is not as massive as the US where we have the Eastern time and Pacific time, 3 hours apart..

Or can we have a timing system which is 6 hrs away from GMT, integral hours diff with GMT (UTC)., which is better ??


  1. Although different time zones may make financial sense, one can only imagine the confusion it will create in rural India, where people will have to add/subtract time, say to watch TV programs, radio broadcasts, etc.

    Sir, I have been keeping track if your blog. It's quite interesting. I don't know if you remember me. I passed out in '97 and you taught me Operations Research, besides introducing me to the internet at Goa University. If I remember correctly it was the Netscape browser.

  2. dear dileep,

    i do remember you. That batch of OR was either the first or second batch of OR which I taught and it was a very satisfying experience for me then.

    Thanks for the comments and, yes it will be difficult for the rural folk to keep track o time, But the savings it brings is great. We need to have more discussions in the media on how it can be made to work for the betterment of the people.

    do keep in touch. Where r u now ? regards,

  3. I am in Goa running a CAD software company called SYCODE ( and have a blog at

  4. Dear dileep,
    good tht you are in goa, must have returned from abroad.
    in gec we have solid works, the cad suite. may be you can interact with the students and faculty there.

    i hear there is a an alumni meet on 8 sept in gec, can you join?


  5. No, I never left India.

    Will try and make it for the meet. You can email me at deelip at sycode dot com.

  6. thanks..

    do try to make it for the alumni meet.

    i am



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