Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's ailing Kerala self financing professional education scene??

The self financing professional education scene in kerala is in real doldrums. MIT and Stanford are two great self financing technical institutions which have grown to great levels (hence nobody need develop any aversion to the self-financing term. If the goverment cannot fund education, leave it to the private sector. Liberalisation is in the air everywhere..). Why cannot the political leaders of Kerala understand the present global educational scene and take responsible actions ??

The present medical and engineering professional education scene ( self financing) is divided into two groups, those which are supporting the government or are forced to support the government for getting some favours and others who are supporting the stand taken by the Supreme court that the managements which are running the professional institutions can decide the admission and selection process and thus be separate from government interference and policies.

The self financing medical colleges unity was split when the govt managed to get some of the private managements to it's side on the basis of agreeing to their fee structure, on the promise that the Mohammed committee (court approved committee vetting the fee structure) would be vetting their fee proposal, even though this was against the basic premise given in the constitution and was demonstrated by the Supreme court in it's verdicts which sated that there cannot be cross subsidy of fees in the classroom, ie. one student studying in a class cannot subsidise the studies of another student studying in the same class.

Basically it is this stand taken by the supreme court which has been violated by the kerala govt in it's understanding with the splinter self financing medical association and the splinter self financing engg college association. The high court stay , today, 26 July 2007, on the agreement between the Kerala govt and the splinter self financing medical managements has turned the whole process of admissions (in govt merit quota) upside down in both the engg and medical fields. The self financing engg college emanagements have already anounced that they are walking out of the agreement with the government.

The Marxist Kerala government has been receiving repeated beatings / whippings from both the Supreme court and the High Court on many occasions i this issue ever since they took over power about 16 months back. And in spite of such shabby treatment, the govt, the education minister and the student organisations supported by the ruling party are issuing threats and disparate remarks to the press and media on a daily basis, as if they can influence public opinion and interfere in the judicial process at any point of time. These people do not understand the value of their wasted efforts and are only interested in getting some cheap publicity on national and regional media.

It remains to be seen how long this stalemate between the government and the private self financing managements will continue.


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