Monday, July 02, 2007

Rains continue to hammer Idukki..

Incessant rains that is how I characterise the rains which have hit Idukki this year. The last three days we have had heavy rains. for the second time during this rains, my kids had holidays for school as the school, lying in a low lying area , St Pius at Kuttikanam, got watersogged and classes had to be suspended.

Iduki as such is very prone to landslides and road blockages, The road to Munnar has been blocked for the past three days. Luckily on Saturday when we went to Kottayam, the roads were clear. The pain is only to reach the plains of Mundakkayam, after that it is ok.. The return journey was very tricky, Lucky I took a driver along.

This wednesday I have asked Binu to accompany me. Everything with God.

The backache is subsiding. Taking care. We also met Dr Rajan at Pallam on Saturday and he has advised me to take some medicines and gel to apply. The pain has gone. Started exercises too.


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