Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Negative campaigning by NDA against Pratibha Patil..

Negative campaigning .....

It was real funny to learn that NDA comprising the BJP and other parties were putting up a site for Pratibha Patil in the Presidential elections in India. Never in the jistory of politics has there been such a " helpful act" by the opposition putting up a website for the winning candidate.

They want Ms Pratibha Patil accept responsibility for the actions of her relatives. ( They want Ms Pratibha Patil to accept responsibility of their actions after losing out in sugar mills and to pay back their loans)

And the funny part is that NDA does not have any plans to put up a website for their own candidate, knowing fully well that he is a loser. Having served the British during the time when Gandhi gave the call to Indians to boycott British goods and launched the Quit India Movement, our Vice President joined the British police in 1942.

Pl read this expose from Outlook magazine " Is Shekhawat worth the salt ??

Adding injury to insult, Shekhawat was "suspended for taking bribe" on August 21, 1947 in free India and spent six months outside and through some influence was reinstated to the police force..

Do Indians need such a corrupt person to occupy the high post of President of the country which has been decorated by great respectful people ??

The ploy by NDA leaders of setting up the website for Ms Pratibha Patil will only hit back at them.. It shows the negative mentality of the NDA and it's constituents ..


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