Monday, July 02, 2007

NAM and it's relevance ..

The recent mention by US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleeza Rice on the irrelevance of the non-aligned movement and it's immediate rebuttal by the Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee deserves special mention.

From a bipolar world, the world has moved to a multipolar world, with the Islamic states on one hand and China, Russia, North Korea and other rogue / failed states on the other. With each passing day the US monopoly of freedom and justice is being challenged by these countries.

To court India at this point, 'a multiethnic democracy', to be led into the new world order by US was quite natural to expect from a politician like Dr Rice, particularly fresh from the experience of Gauntanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib. When US is ready to wage pre-emptive wars for the so called 'good of mankind' and support unsustainable lifestyles of it's citizens, weaponise space, fight for agricultural subsidies for it's farmers, covertly support regimes which terrorise it's citizens, how can emerging economies support such thinking and policies.

If US thinks it can influence India and Indian foreign policy, it is badly mistaken. Being the most vibrant democracy in the world and the birth place of democracy, ( accordiing to Amartya Sen, The Argumentative Indian), India can take care of itself and will hold on to it's sovereignity. India does not want any alignment or exclusive attachment to any country.

NAM can concentrate on South South ( meaning developing countries) collaboration, technology and economic and trade linkages .. Providing leadership in this area is definite to bring in lasting peace and a sutainable society, making this world a happy place to live for the coming generations.


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