Monday, July 23, 2007

Ms Pratibha Patil, new President of India..

After a virulent campaign for the Presidential post, the new incumbent from Maharashtra is all set to occupy the chair of the President of the most populous and promising democracy in the world.

Ms Pratibha Patil was elected on saturday, 21 July after she beat the present Vice president Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and a nominee of the fundamentalist BJP led opposition NDA by a margin of over 3.5 lakh electoral college votes, comprising the elected representatives from the state asemblies and the Lower house of Parliament, the Lok Sabha.

She was given the certificate of being elected by the Scretary general of Lok Sabha, Shri Achary and takes oath from the Chief Justice of India Justice K G Balakrishnan.

Her nomination to the post of President by the ruling UPA led to a major fissure in the NDA camp with Shiv Sena, a regional party looking only at regional interests, deciding to go with the Congress, to support a Maharashtrian candidate for the post. Trinamool Congress also failed to go with the NDA. AIADMK which was leading the Third Front which was anstaining, at the last moment decided to vote. In short this election though lot of character assasination was involved, led to a reshuffling of party loyalties and equations.

The UPA nominee for the Vice President post, Hamid Ansari, former Indian permanenet representative to the United Nations is sure to win hands down. Hamid Ansari is also a great writer and statesman.

Exciting days ahead..


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