Thursday, July 12, 2007

Migration for development - Ban Ki Moon, UN Secy Gen.

We have moved into the second stage of globalization. In stage I there was movement of goods and capital. While that is still going on, in stage II we find movement of labour and skills is going on.( though this is not a new phenomenon at all ..) Countries are opening up more to immigration. How this immigration can bring about development and help share in the world's prosperity is what the article by Ban Ki Moon, the Secy Gen of UN is about.

" Migration can be an enormous force for good. If we follow the evidence, and begin a rational, forward-looking conversation about how to better manage our shared interests, we can together help usher in the third stage of globalisation — a long-awaited era where more people than ever before begin to share in the world’s prosperity."

I found it informative..


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