Friday, July 27, 2007

Managing Globalization - in retailing ....

Globalization is a major issue being talked about everywhere..

I have always had a positive feeling about globalization. It is sure to bring benefits to the country and it's billion plus population. See how the new software companies have grown. Were it not for globalization, would Infosys, Wipro, TCS and Satyam have become the global names and brands they are today ? Would so many Indians be working onsite in foreign lands and earning hefty salaries and sending an equal amount of money homeward, home remittances. Would so many of our youngsters have got jobs with hefty salaries just stepping out of their educational institutes ?

Would the infrastructure field have grown this big ? Would the railways have been able to give so much of profits ? Would the big names in Industry, Tata Steel, Bajaj, Mahindra etc been able to realise their potential but for the competition which was available in the doomestic market because of the arrival of the foreign brands into India ? Would Indian banks have become so customer friendly and profitable had it not been for the competition by foreign banks ? Our insurance industry, educational system, healthcare and what not ?

One area which still baffles me is the area of retailing which is a cause for serious concern. Big names like Walmart, Tesco, Metro are entering India and how will their entry affect the small store owner, the dookanwala round the corner ?

In major cities we are seeing the booming of not only superstores, but hyperstores and malls. A customer who enters this place can have a complete shopping experience, right from buying vegetables, sweets, bakery items, the weekly grocery and fish and meat to a complete haircut, visit to the beauty saloon, shopping for clothes and paying the monthly electricity, telephone bills etc...

How will the small retailer survive in the onslaught of the major players who have very effective networks and supply chains delivering terrific value through their networks. Are these vendors to die or join hands with the big players or turn to some other professions ??

Can somebody give an answer to this? The future is very dim for these people.


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