Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What rains last week !!

Last week Kerala witnessed heavy rains like never before in 25 years, old timers say.. raining cats and dogs !! literally.. The winds were howling for two days continuously. It was a real sight to see. !!

Kerala was already reeling under the chikun gunya and dengue and nile fever epidemics. On sat night, thiruvadikunnel appachen died from fever and liver probs.. The rains brought some solace from mosquitoes but the rains caused massive damage to electricity, telephones, road transportations, rails .. schools were closed for two days. land slides were very common in this part of the state. We could not move out of the house for 2 days.

Since in the college we were having series tests for students we ran the college using gen set power. it was very cold too. i caught a cold and had to take rest for two days and came to the office only this morn, wed, 27 june 07.

The rains have subsided for the time being but it wil come with great force next week it is being reported in the tv news here.

btw, next wednesday i will be moving to hyderabad. let us see how it clicks..

till then bye..


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