Friday, June 08, 2007

Weekends in MBC Peermade..

Weekends in MBC College of Engg is dull. Eforts are being made to make it interesting to stay here.

The most important reason is that staff members, teaching and non-teaching run away from this place on Friday evenings. It is facilitated by the last hour being declared off on Fridays to facilitate this mass exodus of people from Peermade to the plains. I do not know who has declared it off, but as a right people take the last hour off to facilitate early escape.

The internet lab has been kept open during weekends only recently so that students who are staying here can spend the weekend productively. The students need not roam around, instead can spend their time usefully in the lab.

Having to spend long times in the office and college has to be in the blood of the people here. Without spending more time in the college and office, the college cannot improve. We are still in the arts and science college mentality, where nobody cares about college development.

The college was controlled by an admin officer ( he has been releived now, Thank God..) who used to have his say in the running of the college, who used to see that the staff were unduly given more privileges to the detriment of the institution. The college and staff lost the student focus. All were looking after only their welfare, comfort and convenience. The student was left to lurch in the dark.

Students are paying for their studies here. They come here due to the reputation of the college, the church and the faculty. Let us not prove them wrong.

Let us develop more student focus in whatever we do. Only then can this college grow and develop to be among the top in the state. It can..

The need of the hour is to make campus life in MBC vibrant and active during weekends. For this we need the support of the students and staff in great measure. The students should be given more academic load so that they are forced to stay back during weekends instead of running home. More extra curricular activities should be started in the college which can spread over to the weekends so that students can enjoy life here. The mess has been spruced up, so that there cannot be a complaint regarding food.

Let us hope in the coming days things will improve and motivate staff and students to stay back in the MBC campus and make campus life unforgettable.



  1. am a student of MBC peermade
    things have gone worst after u left my college

    we miss u sir

  2. Hi Sir,

    I am the same Sarath who posted the previous comment few years back.

    I passed out from college 2-3 years back.

    I came to know that MBC management did big investments and made the college beautiful academically and structurally.

    All the best to MBCians....


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