Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Strictness or academics .. what counts in Engg college ?

Is it ok to be too strict in an engg college ? I am afraid it is a wrong notion. The engg college students are grooming to be professionals and they need to be treated like that. If they klive with fear, they grow out to be stunted in their personality.

Straight out from higher secondary school, they get lot of freedom when they come to an engg college. especially if it is a fully residential one. The college and hostels should only have enough discipline to make them feel secure not to be afraid of the authorities. The students should get a silent environment for studies. anybody found violating basic hostel discipline should be sent out of the hostel.

Letting students of very low merit in the college will def lead to indiscipline. Only those students who deserve to be in engg college should be let in, not every Tom, Dick and Harry..

Being strict and not allowing students enough breathing space to exercise / display their talents and skills is a crime.

Let the authorities take note.. Enough flexibility should be put in the system. Give them enough academic load or games and facilties like gym, courts etc, let them expend their energy.


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