Wednesday, June 13, 2007

G8 and G5 ..

G8 and G5 ..

The just concluded G8 summit in Germany was a failure .. Why ? Nothing worth the salt was discussed there and whatever was discussed did not come up with any concrete steps to see through it's implementation.

The group of 8 thought it proper for them to invite the emerging economies of Brazil, India, China, South Africa and Mexico (BICSAM) as invitees to the summit. Eventhough there were discussions of global warming and what the G8 could do about controlling this global warming phenomenon, nothing concrete came out. The Americans as usual were adamant about not signing the Kyoto protocol which limits greenhouse gas emissions by 2012 by member countries.
As was earlier said in a conference on the environment in Beijing, if all people in this world were to live like an average American, we would need five planet earths to sustain such a wasteful, non-sustaining life style. We can never afford the American wasteful lifestyle of splurge. The average American needs to understand this. How long will it take for that ??

Eventhough America can buy polluting rights from less developed countries, the Americans have made it very clear in the summit that any offer from them to reduce greehouse gas emissions need essentially to be with similar assurances from India and China. In otherwords it is a ploy by US to contain the growth of India and China, which is posing a threat to American leadership in innovation, technology, manufacturing and Information technology.

Unless world countries seriously think of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there can be no immediate solution to the threat of global warming posing a major threat to the world, rising rivers, rising ocean levels, sinking landmasses, sinking islands, riainsing average temperatures by at least 2 - 5 degrees and so on.

The G8 ( comprising half a billion) continue to use 50 percent of fossil fuels consumed now and the rest four and a half billion consume the other fifty percent...

Let us hope world leaders behave sensibly for the sake of this world. The to be newly formed G5 (BICSAM) can offer leadership in this regard.


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