Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Why I love Teaching ..??

Why I love teaching ?

Teaching is an art which does not come to everybody. It is a blessing. Partly I believe it comes from your hereditary makeup and partly from your desire to learn more and teach others.. Anybody with a bent of mind to help others and be of service to others in society according to me would also be good at teaching. I am not sure how strongly I can make that statement.

If one has a humble mind and a desire to learn more, he will be helped by God to be of service to others. I also believe that it is God who finally decide what one should be at and how good he can perform his selected task.According to Eastern traditions, not all could teach and a teacher had a noble position in society. He was respected more than anybody. There is also a famous saying in Malayalam which goes this way, vidhyadhanam sarvadhanaal pradhaanam , meaning educational asset is the most important of all assets.

After serving in the industry for a couple of years at the beginning of my career during 1987-89, I switched back to academics, teaching at the Govt College of Engineering, Goa, as I found that was my cup of coffee. I loved interacting with people and particularly youngsters and teaching them or updating them on whatever i knew. In the process, I found that my knowledge in that area increased too. That is another great thing about teaching. As some famous person has told, teaching is learning a second time. When we try to teach somebody a concept, our own basics get brushed very well and we gain lot of insight in the area. This will cause us to develop more interest in the area.With the grace of God, I could finish my Post Graduation in Industrial Eng and then go on to the Indian institute of Technology, Bombay, India to do a Ph.D. in 2004 in the area of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Getting the higher qualification has definitely improved my knowledge and also the quality of my teaching. I am now very eager to learn and acquire more knowledge which is helping me to keep busy with lots of reading and writing.

A teacher needs to have a very humble mind. Even the lowest qualified person whom you meet can definitely teach you lot more facts of life and secrets of life than what you can get from the best books, the best institutes or the best teachers. If we are humble enough to realise this truth, the sky is the limit in the learning and teaching process.

A professor once remarked, I have learnt lot from books, still more from my teachers but the maximum from my students. Keeping healthy interaction with students and allowing their imagination and a questioning mind soar is the best way to keep abreast of developments and think creatively in your area.

After finishing PhD, creating knowledge for the world to progress is the task entrusted on me. And I promise that till my last breath, I shall be doing that. Not only creating new knowledge, also helping to disseminate this new knowledge and other knowledge which I acquire from elsewhere, to others.


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