Thursday, May 10, 2007

Munnar evictions .. for public good ??

Munnar evictions:

The past couple of weeks we have been reading in the papers about the Munnar evictions. Yesterday the revenue secretary had submitted the report to the cabinet which has been accepted in toto by the cabinet. VS has also used the opportunity to give a blow to the pinarayi faction by installing his favoutites like Pramod Kumar IAS, Rishiraj Singh, Raju Narayana Swamy etc in the enquiry and demolition panel and administration of the district. The CPI and Pinarayi are angry but i think this time VS will have his way. They cannot afford to make their displeasure public, lest the public construe or misconstrue something else.

It is quite unfortunate that yesterday, 9 may, it was the poor landless people who were targeted and were evicted from the places they have occupied. Even though they showed the necessary records, fake or not, to the officers, the demolition process was initiated. It is ok if demiloition was going ahead with full steam, irrespective of affiliation, affluence and influence. The public hope it will continue with the same tempo against the mighty, rich and politically influential people. Then only can we say justice is being done. The press meet of VS was funny with his disclosing that unauthorised constructions , the team will "thallipolikkum".

It is ok to demolish temporary structures but what about structures which have risen two to three floors high? does it need to be demolished or transferred to the govt ? does it serve the purpose of protecting Munnar's pristine beauty and virgin surroundings. The govt needs to take a very sensible view rather than "thallipolikkaling" all structures there..

The transfer of Idukki district collector and other officials and the suspension of more than fifty govt land revenue dept official shows the earnest desire of VS to cleanse the system of bad elements. But how far he will succeed, given the pressure of pinarayi and CPI is the big question.
Political parties are in a damage containing / limiting mode, while the public is observing. This is a great moment of reckonoing for CPM and VS in particular as he is batting charges that he talks one way while in opposition and other way when in the CM's chair.

Let us wait and see.


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