Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life at MBC, Peermade ..

Life at Mar Baselios College of Engineering, Peermade, Kerala.

This is the engineering college in the self-financing sector set up by the Malankara Orthodox Church. It's aims are noble, to produce the best engineers and to make them socially and spiritually responsive and enriched.

MBC peermade is a cool place. After joining here in Oct 06, I find both the students are faculty are cool.... Eventhough the students here are not academically that bgreat brilliant, they are promising good students, capable of great things. Almost all of them are capable of reaching great heights, except for some students. It is a truth of life and we have to accept that. It is there in all walks of life.

The last odd sem (Oct 06 - dec 06) I taught Humanities and Economics for the 3 rd sem comp science students and the same subject again for the 5 th sem electrical engg students. This even sem (feb 07 to june 07) i am teaching the 4 th sem Electronics and comm students and applied electronics and instrumentation students the subject of Reliability and Humanities, the humanities part being shared by the Librarian, Mr Kumar, who is also an Economics graduate and an MBA. I also engage the partial load of E-commerce elective for the 8 th sem comp science students with jojymon from comp science.

The college has terrific potential for growth and terrific goodwill among the public.

The discipline among the students is lacking a bit. Discipline is very vital for the functioning of any institution. Only with good discipline can there be academic growth and excellence. The teaching faculty are hard working, sincere, resourceful and have good potential.

The college can be taken to great heights with time and proper investment of funds, effort and dedication. With propoer leadership and good discipline, the college can be raised to the status of the best technical institution not only in the state of Kerala, but also in the country. It is a great and challenging task, but not difficult.

Aim at the stars, at least you are sure to hit the moon. Keep our sights high, very high and work hard to achieve it. The joy is in working to achieve our goals. Sure the rewards will not desert us.
If we put hard work, nobody on earth can take away the rewards of that hard work from us. The end is going to be truly marvellous and exciting. Never lose sight of the goal !!

800 students, eight faculty families and fifteen single teaching faculty share the campus with me.

My kids are getting good education at the St Pius X ICSE school at Kuttikanam (of course with lot of tutoring and coaching from our side.., lest they miss out on life, opportunities and competition..). Jobin is entering 10 th and chinnu 3 rd. Jobin plays cricket with the college students in the evenings, chinnu with her friend ananya.

Social life is missing here at Peermade. But the environs is great. With cable TV, good comm and transportation facilities and the internet, in this flat world, Kuttikanam is not far from civilization !The climate is terrific. They say for eight months in a year, Kuttikanam is a miny Swiss town, less the chocolates !!

Great weather and the few people around are quite helpful. WE go occasionally for long car rides in the surrounding places. In January we had been to Iddukki dam, and Thekkady with our relatives.

My wife Anila basically likes a calm surroundings and so this place fits in to our requirements. Since I am aiming at institution building, with the full support from the management of the church to help build this institute to world class levels, this set up is ideal.

If Indian industries can go global, why can't Indian academic institutions ? I am not talking only of IITs and IIMs, even MBC can be a world class leader in technical education, I am sure.. With proper team work and a motivated faculty and supporting staff, it is possible..

This is my goal and vision for this college which I am aiming to achieve. Fortune favours only brave and hard working people.. And I am sure to achieve it, so confident, with God's blessings !!


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