Thursday, May 24, 2007

Achummava ... great job .. !!

Demolition in full steam.. congrats Achummava ..

The past one week has been very momentous in Kerala history. Encroachments of govt land, belonging to the different departments, are being evacuated by the Revenue dept and police officials right through the state. It is very interesting news as this is the first time that any government is taking firm steps in the history of Kerala to take up demolitions and evacuation of encroachments in such a big scale.

Nobody expected the likes of Abad group, BCG group, Varkeys or Shenoys to bite the dust and be ridiculed and booed by the public watching the demolitions. It was an expression of pent up anger, frustration and public disillusionment at encroachment of govt / public land by the rich, powerful and the influential in Kerala society.

Every day the people are reading and watching with great interest and (glee) when the news of the demolitions coming up on TV and the print media.

It is publicly known fact that all these encroachments would not be possible without the active and tacit support of corrupt govt officials and politicians. It is a sad reflection of the erosion in societal values by these parasites of the society. While a faction of the ruling party is hell bent on demolitions, another faction, is trying to protect these wrongdoers by coming out with statements against the special party set out to remove encroachments and coming up with statements against the CM.

SCMS Kochi, near Kalamassery which today boasts of the best management school in the state, is sitting on sixty cents of land unlawfully encroached and reclaimed from the Periyar. The institute which was started as a parallel college in the seventies now boasts of huge infrastructure at two campuses and a third one coming up in Coimbatore. If the govt demolishes that site, it is going to send out the real govt intentions on the demolitions. Rivers of the land have been blocked and being filled up, water logged lands and fields are being filled in different parts of the state. Al this is being done by private parties to satisfy their greed. Many top real estate establishments will bite the dust in the coming days.

It appears the govt operation is on a massive scale with evictions being reported from many parts of the state. This may take several months. Finally the common man will be able to reclaim what is his common property, the land, hillocks, rivers , lakes and the natural beauty of Kerala.

If it is to this scale in Kerala, imagine the rest of India !! Chennai and Bangalore will be stinking and node deep in corruption !!

The traders in Kochi are on a day's strike as they want more time to demolish the constructions they have illegally built !!

What a bunch of jokers !!


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