Thursday, June 15, 2006

VS Achuthananthan works for the indigenous people .. Good !!

The actions of the Kerala CM to give title deeds to the
original owners of the land, the tribals in Wayanad and to
withdraw the cases charged aganst them by the police,
except in the Muttanga case involving deaths of a tribal
and a policeman, is indeed a welcome step.

The Kerala govt has shown that a society cannot develop by
suppressing some sections, the weak and iliterate original
owners of the land, the tribals. They have equal rights to
their homeland and livelihood like we educated have to
ours, which has been grabbed from them!

The Kerala govt has taught the whiteman the much needed
lesson, if only he is willing to listen !. When the white
man colonized North America, South Africa and Australia,
New Zealand, India etc.., he was fighting the natives with
advanced weapons. Some of the peoples of these lands like
from India fought back and drove out the white men, but
others had to accept defeat and move inward.

World history is replete with such incidents.

By immigrating en masse to these lands, eventhough it
brings us temporary prosperity and affluence to flaunt
around and an air of intellectual suepriority to boast of,
we Indians are giving a helping hand to these colonizers to
suppress the original owners of the land and continue their
vice like grip on the poor natives who are crying to get
back their homeland and livelihood..

Lt us be more sensible .. either stop immigrating or stop
reading such mails which are painful, the prick of the
conscience is too hard to bear !!

Sakhave, we are behind you ..

We are supporting your move to empower the original owners
of the land !!


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