Thursday, June 15, 2006

Apollo Hospitals in a soup over Rahul Mahajan !!

Apollo Hospitals Delhi has got themselves caught in a worst
case of destroying critical evidence and colluding with
influential persons to hush up a drug abuse case involving
sons of political figures.

In what was televised to the whole nation, it was very
clearly evident how doctors from Apollo hospital Delhi
tried to hush up drug allegations in the case of Rahul
Mahajan and Vivek Moitra and how in the ensuing days they
admitted how their analysis was partial and never looked at
the drug abuse angle and so on.

What is frightening is the prospect of NDPS act (Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) being
slammed against the doctors and Apollo Hospital on grounds
of trying to delete evidence of drug abuse in the case
which could bring imprisonment of upto 20 years for Pratap
Reddy and his team of so called expert doctors.

This could be a good 'warning' for the many private
hospitals which have come up across the country in the name
of providing medical health to the people and working for
fattening the purses of doctors and industrialists most of
whom have paid lakhs in capitation fees to get their
medical education financed.

It is painful to note how these commercial minded
capitation fee doctors have brought such disrepute and
violated the Hippocrates oath (some of them may never know
what it means !!) in their urge to quickly recover the
capital invested in their medical education and to exploit
further on.


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