Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vrindavan Gardens, Ponda .. the place to stay..

Vrindavan Gardens in Varcandeim, Ponda , Goa is the biggest residential complex in Ponda. And that is where I stay. There are about 120 flats in this comples divided into A1.A2,B1,B2,B3,D and row houses of the C type.

The beauty of the place is that this is also the only complex in Ponda which offers play area for the kids. My kids, jobin 12 years and Chinnu 7 years, just run to the play area in the evenings and play there to their heart's content daily. They have many friends there. The only problem we have started encountering these days is the growing number of cars which are vying for parking space in the campus. This is reducing the running area for the kids in the complex.

There is a grocery store by Naresh who also sells milk and vegetables here. There is a nedical shop, toy shop, the Sushrusha nursing home run by the Prabhu doctor couple, the kitchen furniture shop, the yoga clinic run by DR. Sawaikar nearby. There is also a hotel , cyber cafe etc. which have been started nearby.

Overall the place is very good and comfortable. Presently we are having some water problems, which is getting sorted out. The society is yet to be formed even though we have paid 4500 rupees for that.

Without AC I find staying on the top floor of A2 building is very difficult in Summer. A2-TF-01 is exactly where I stay.


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