Monday, March 25, 2019

Trying to decode India's second Airlines bust ..

Like the Kingfisher Airlines went bust in 2012, Jet Airways of Naresh Goyal is facing tough times and may go bust anytime unless there is a great help from SBI and political circles.

What wen wrong at Jet and why is it now in a very trying moment in its life ? (click here for a Forbes mag report)

Was it a problem with mishandling of finances or operations or marketing of seats or leasing of new planes ??

More to come ..


Shipping containers .

How they are made .. (click here..)

Making homes .. (click here..)  again .. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Environmental Movements in India..

There are majorly two environmental movements that had public participation to a great extent and which resulted in popular movements that made a big difference to the way environment is looked at and dealth with.  Chipko Movement and Save Silent Silent Valley Movement are the two most important among them.

Chipko Movement history (click here)

Save Silent Valley Movement (click here)

We need more such popular movements to help save the pristine environment in this part of the world so that our future generations also enjoy nature and its gifts the same way we have enjoyed.


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Using Bloom's taxonomy to improve understanding and student learning ..

Courtesy Vanderbilt University
This morning I was discussing with Prof. Sajan Mathew regarding a question paper and I happened to show him a model of the paper.

We prepared it according to the Bloom's taxonomy principles ( click here for a very interesting and useful site giving the different aspects and levels of learning.)

Right from Benjamin Bloom's presentation in 1956 to the revisions in 2001 of addressing the learning outcomes  from any learning teaching experience is well illustrated in this document from Uty of Central Florida. (click here)

Critical terms to include in the Learning Objectives..
The accompanying image gives a good understanding of the learning at different levels and why we need to go to the higher levels in understanding and comprehension to ensure students are able to make better use of the knowledge with them. It also helps them to analyse and comprehend ideas better than usual.

Click here for an excellent video ..

The figure on left gives us the different terms that can be used to execute the different stages of Bloom's taxonomy while explaining or testing the students understanding. This can also be used while preparing or setting evaluation papers.

The first two columns help only to check the knowledge and understanding the other four columns terms help to understand the student knowledge and understanding in deeper ways through application, analytical thinking, evaluation of different perspectives and creation of superior ideas, innovations and applications ..

Another comprehensive list of interesting and useful terms that can be used to check the students understanding and application of knowledge is given in this picture on the right.
Comparison between older and newer versions of
Bloom's Taxonomy

In short, incorporating Blooms Taxonomy in our teaching encourages students with higher cognitive thinking. It helps us ensure students are tested in their understanding and made to think more creatively and analytically.

At higher levels of education, the student through this approach is found to have better understanding and appreciation of the knowledge and find creative and innovative application of ideas in their professional and personal life.

Hope all teaching professionals in institutions of higher learning are made aware of these aspects of testing student understanding and awareness to improve the general teaching-learning environment in educational institutions and online educational sites.

The aim of any learning process should be to instill higher order thinking skills in the learner.

Click here for a crossword puzzle on the Bloom's Taxonomy concepts and thinking skills which is being distributed to the participants of the Bloom's Taxonomy Workshop to be held in Alliance University Bangalore for faculty participants on 22 Mar 2019.

Click here for my presentation to the faculty of Alliance University ..


Monday, March 18, 2019

Retailing and its future ..

What will retailing look like in the future ? What additional strengths we need to imbibe in the coming years to excel in the global retailing scene ?

This is a Forbes article that highlights the future of retailing and the top 5 trends in 2019 (click here)
1. Customers are looking at faster delivery. 
2. Customers are more aware of brands that engage in CSR and improved social consciousness activities
Warehouse Retailing where warehouses themselves double up
as the retail outlet points.
3. Experiential retail for the millennial customers is aimed at experiences in shopping (VR or AR) as different from just sales and order fulfilment.. An experience in a clean and green environment or an ecological setting can leave a deeper impression on the millennial than an formal office or store setup. 
4. Subscription e-commerce would be sought after in the coming years and businesses would be in better position to curate products to customer liking and offer them them direct to customers in as short time as possible. 
5. Multichannel retailing that happens over social media sites, ecommerce sites and physical brick-and-mortar stores will be the norm in future, than just one channel.

Click here for an interesting writeup from me for a class discussion.

Click here for an interesting video ..

European Bank video (click here ) on the future of Retailing ..

Metro Cash and Carry in India is an example of Warehouse retailing. The Warehouse itself offers a no-frills retailing experience.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Big Salute to Azim Premji !!

Sir, you are the model Indian .. !!
Full respect ..
I was really taken aback this morning to read of the great and magnanimous acts of philanthropy shown by one of India's richest persons, in fact, India's second richest person.

It was indeed really heartening to read of the huge philanthropic endowment corpus promised by the 73 year old Azim Premji, the Chairman of WIPRO (Western India Palm Refined Oils Ltd or more recently Western India Products Limited) the IT giant from Bangalore, India. If I am right, Azim Premji committed 67% of his holdings in WIPRO to philanthropy.

I am reminded of the great philanthropist from US, John D Rockefeller in the beginning of the 20 th century kickstarting directed philanthropy through the Rockefeller Foundation.

John D. Rockefeller Sr., Standard Oil
Click here for the facts of that kind act around 1896 AD by John D. Rockefeller, the first billionaire of the world, setting up the Rockefeller Foundation .. John D Rockefeller had a net inflation adjusted worth of $350 billion at the time of his death in 1937 at age 97. In today's terms it would be worth more than $850 billion. Rockefeller has been the greatest philanthropist of the world of all time.

I am too happy to include Azim Premji in that list of the greatest philanthropists of all time, to be in the 'A team' of John D. Rockefeller.

Can Azim bring about the change
he wishes in India ?
The Bangalore headquartered IT Czar has been known for his philanthropic activities  for a long time, and recently to top it all , he promised a $7.5 billion contribution to this corpus increasing his total endowment corpus to the Azim Premji Foundation to $ 21 billion (or approximately INR 150,000 crores..).

I request the PM of India to come out in the open to acknowledge Azim's great actions and to felicitate this kind soul for his magnanimous deed to humanity. Azim Premji Foundation funds almost 150 non-profit organisations in India. Modi's silence is deafening ..

Click here for the Hindustan Times report ..

Give, give till your hand aches ..
By this great act of humanity and by endowing so much resources to the Azim Premji Trust, Azim Premji is setting an example for the whole of India and the world. His ventures in the field of education through the Azim Premji University is worth mention here.

I doubt whether any other business conglomerate in India other than the Tatas have done such great social service in the country. Tata came to India from Northern Iran around 1840s. The Birlas, the nouveau riche Ambanis, the Singhanias, the Bajajs have all failed the country in giving a hand of solace to it's citizens. They have throughout history of the past hundred years been sapping the country's resources for their personal benefits. What ever they have got from society through their entrepreneurship or enterprise, they have not shared it with the society with the same openness..

Bill Gates and Azim Premji .., courtesy inshorts 
I have seen a bunglow which Kumaramangalam Birla purchased for INR 430 crores in Mumbai Malabar Hills in 2017/18, on the beach, which is unoccupied and unutlised. Birla are poor philanthropists in comparison to the TATAs.

It fails for our common sense to understand why these people who have sapped the society of resources legitimately or otherwise, who were asked by chance or God or MOTHER NATURE to be custodians of society's resources, fail to give back to society in equal measure for the benefits they have gained. I believe they have not been given the right value systems by their parents.

May the other great unethical group, the MNCs of the world, start similar Foundations by earmarking a fraction of their profits yearly, the legitimately or illegitimately earned wealth and riches from the developing, less developed and developed nations of the world with the less fortunate in the society.


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Strategic Fit in Supply Chains..

Thanks Pearson Education ..
Finding the zone of strategic fit is an important aspect of any business.

So you may ask, how come the e-commerce supply chain of Amazon is able to offer items through an efficient supply chain at low costs for the uncertain demand from customers...

How does this happen ?

Trying to decode India's second Airlines bust ..

Like the Kingfisher Airlines went bust in 2012, Jet Airways of Naresh Goyal is facing tough times and may go bust anytime unless there is a...

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