Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Some more aspects of BPR ..

These slides give some very vital aspects of BPR. It helps us to demystify the common misconceptions of BPR in the minds of the public and organisations.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Tiangong 1 coming crashing from space ..

The 8.5T Tiangong I Chinese space station launched in 2011 after making 34,479 orbits around earth is coming on a crash visit (actually crashing) to earth between Oct '17 and April '18. Now it is at an altitude of 300 km ..

Tiangong 2 launched in 2016 is also in orbit. 

Compare this with the 77T US Skylab launched in 1979 and the 20T Salyut 7 launched in 1991.. Both of them have crashed to earth. 


What the future beholds !!

Click here for the video link.  An excellent video which tells us what future technology beholds for humanity, especially the developed and developing world.

At the outset, let me say, the speaker Vivek Wadhwa is opposed to Chinese and Chinese manufacturing. He seems to be ridiculing Chinese manufacturing prowess in this video, but let us realise that it is Chinese interference in solar PV module manufacturing that brought down solar energy to INR rs. 2.9 per unit in Dubai, world's cheapest. 

As the speaker says 3D printers will be very powerful in the coming years. Wait till Chinese enter the 3D printer market, they will control the whole world then.. 

Banks and financial institutions will still be there, but may not be mainstream..

Growing organic foods in vertical farms on buildings etc is an interesting development, have to wait and watch how far it is practical ..

Overall, very many powerful, potential ideas were discussed .. 👌👌

BTW, recycling, waste management and environment concerns were not discussed..  😟😟

George .. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Defrocking Orthodox bishops as punishment ..

The delinquent trio of Malankara Orthodox Church..
Issues for Orthodox Church because of unruly, uncultured, indisciplined young bishops lacking devotion, commitment and spirituality

Do we as responsible people imbibe the values of Christ, the poor shepherd boy from Galilee in our lives and try to lead a simple and truthful, spiritual life, which the youngsters in the church look upto ?

Our priests elected to be bishops are supposed to lead pious lives, and always give a helping hand to the needy and downtrodden in the society. What we see is our young bishops, mainly the ineligible ones, are publicly flaying their failings and shortcomings. Here are three of them who need to be reined and prevented from causing more damage to the society and the community.

1. The 50 year old Yulios, Ahmedabad bishop who publicly abused Bawa Tirumeni, three years back and got away easily. He had behaved rudely with the earlier Catholicos too and is recognised as a habitual offender among the priests.

2. The case of the 50 year old Eusebius from South West US who got into sex case is very shameful and baffling too. He was banished from US, to protect the image of our church and is fighting it in Kerala now. 

3. To add fuel to fire, the skeletons keep dropping from the shelves. Gabriel from Trivandrum, 68 years, finds his confidantes are all criminals sharing lot of traits with him. One of these rowdies or goondas, Babu Parayil, sadly also a member of the Managing Committee of the church, was arrested two days back in Bangalore on charges of planning to murder a business associate Ganesh in a failed partnership deal and is currently cooling his heels in the Parappana Agrahaara jail in Bangalore. Sadly Gabriel is going all out, using his influence to get his close buddy and criminal Babu on bail !!

Is it because,  
1. they were misfits for the spiritual responsibility bestowed on them that expected too much sacrifice from them ?  
2. their selection processes were much flawed and lacked a spirit of sacrifice and spiritualism ? 
3. their selections were based on extraneous factors including cheap church politics ?  
4. earlier when the age was 55 to become bishops, the priests attained a level of wisdom and understanding, could accommodate differing views and were above selfish considerations. The case is just reverse now, most of the new youngsters are after money, riches, comfort and clandestinely even have shareholdings in believer's business establishments. How can such people care for the common believer ?
Let us not forget all this is being done in the garb of serving that poor shepherd boy. How far have evil, deceit, double-dealing, chicanery, fraud and treachery been assimilated by our young high priests. How unintelligent of them to think they would never be exposed and the believers have given them the unassailable right to fool the believers the whole life ?

We need to elect bishops with some basic level of intelligence too.. We need to think seriously about this, do a complete overhaul of the Bishop election / elevation process, before they bring more damage to the two millennia old traditional Malankara Orthodox Church, part of the Oriental Orthodox fraternity.

Why not keep such unintelligent, unruly priests lacking the spiritual touch away from negatively influencing the two million followers of Malankara Orthodox Church the world over, especially the youngsters ? When the Supreme Court of India recognises the independent stand of the church not wavering from the 2 millennia old ancient native customs and democratic traditions of the church, we need to be more open, more transparent and more unforgiving of such self-centred, self-serving, ego-centric personalities in the church.

To be a good model for the youngsters, why not the church after suitable deliberations and decision making, defrock them as a very mild punishment ?

If we don't pluck away such aberrations at the beginning itself, it can lead to irreparable damages to the church. These young bishops, deeply pained to say, are not leading by example. They are great failures as leaders. They are not role models for the younger generation and are sure to bring great disaster and damage to the community and society..

It is only when the leaders have humility they become successful. Humility is thus the beginning of intelligence and service. 


Thursday, October 12, 2017

ERP failures cases ..

We all have heard success stories of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in different organisations. But an great number of ERP installations fail. Why is it that these implementations fail, even after committing so much of human resources, material resources, money, time etc to the project. 

No study of ERP systems is complete unless we make an earnest attempt tp understand why high cost ERP systems fail.

ERP systems are just a collection of basic RDBMS software that connects all the departments in an organisation to help i the smooth functioning of the organisation. 

I had my first experience on RDBMSs with Ingres working  on mini computers, then came Unisys, ( both at Goa Engineering College) and Oracle in Ernakulam. Oracle now remains one of the top RDBMS sofware in the industry, mainly because of its reach and ability to convince customers of its user friendliness. 

In the free and open source software domain, we have two great RDBMSs , PostgreSQL and MySQL. MySQL was formerly powering Facebook but of late has been purchased by Oracle and to the best of my knowledge killed so that it would not be a competition to Oracle, the small commercial business package.  

RDBMSs form the basic component of any ERP package and SAP is now one of the most popular, widely used ERP software of the world. 

It makes better sense to stud about any system by first having a general understanding of the system and then what are its drawbacks. The links given here are examples of failures or weaknesses of ERP packages and what could be done to overcome them.

ERP failure at HP .. Click here ..

Top 5 reasons why ERP implementations fail and what one can do about it .. Click here ..

A student report from UT Dallas on why ERP systems fail.. click here ..


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Jack Ma on the 3Qs of the human body and the third technology revolution ..

The Chinese business magnate Jack Ma was recently speaking at a conference where he spoke of the 3Qs of the human body.

All of us are aware of the IQ and the EQ. But how many of us are aware of the LQ - love quotient ? Jack says that it is this quotient that is going to help the world survive for the next thirty years.

The first technology revolution released the human body from the bondages of hard and heavy work and gave him leisure, free time and improved productivity.

The second technology revolution concentrated around transportation and gave the humans the ability to cover distances by automobiles, trains, planes etc..

The third technology revolution revolved around knowledge and wisdom, the developments surrounding Information Technology and its effective use have taken mankind a lot ahead. People and countries have stated competing with each other based on the knowledge they have or they can generate, not based on how they could leverage the muscles and conquer distances.

These are thoughts from a very plain headed person who is one of the top rich persons on planet earth and leading the world in e-commerce..

George ..

Some more aspects of BPR ..

These slides give some very vital aspects of BPR. It helps us to demystify the common misconceptions of BPR in the ...

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